スタッフ日記 177 エディ

Chicago, my hometown

Chicago, Illinois, is my hometown. Maybe you know it as a mafia’s city like Al Capone. So you might think it’s a dangerous city. Well, comparing to japan, all of the places in the states would be dangerous. To me, if you follow the certain rules, it’s very ok.
Which city do you mention as America? Los Ángeles? New York? Both are fun places but the food…Chicago is known for the tasty foods.
I’ll introduce some from there.


1. Chicago pizza (シカゴピザ)

It’s called “Deep dish.” Very thick and very big! You don’t put cheese on top for Chicago pizza. It’s under the sauce. You need to order appetizer cos it takes at least 45 mins to be served!


2. Beef sandwiches (ビーフサンドイッチ)

The meat is called Italian beef. It’s thin sliced like Gyudon beef.


3. Chicago hotdogs (シカゴホットドッグ)

We put mustard, onions, relish like regular hotdogs, but also tomatoes and dill picked spear, too. We don’t put ketchup for Chicago hotdogs.


I wish I could go eat these food whenever I want here in Japan too!